Sustainability in the Salon 

It’s important to us that we are continually working to reduce our carbon footprint as a small business in an industry that traditionally produces a fair amount of waste. As an AVEDA partner, we strive to be as environmentally-conscious as possible while still ensuring the very best service to our valued guests.

Click here to read about our products and how AVEDA, as a global brand, is continually caring for our planet, from responsible manufacturing practices to protecting clean water in communities around the world.

 In our “Think Globally, Act Locally” point of view, we are proud that:

  •  All of our cardboard hair color boxes (which are made from PCR materials) cardboard shipment boxes and packing paper are all recycled locally by our current waste management company. 

  •  Plastic shampoo bottles and hair color tube lids are all recycled locally in Pasco county. Any employee waste item (food packaging, beverage bottles) are sorted and placed with these items. The plastic caps on our hair color tubes, which are made from 100% PCR material are sorted into this bin as well. 

  •  All used hair color foils are separated out and put with our 100% recycled aluminum color tubes. These are taken to a local metal recycling facility to be processed. 

  •  All of our lights in the salon are energy efficient LEDs. You’ll notice they run and feel cooler than traditional incandescent lights. We use 3500-4000k bulbs on the styling floor for the best visibility with no shadows. This is important when applying hair color, foils and detailing haircuts. 

  •  We use digital guest forms whenever possible to cut down on paper waste. We recently switched to digital credit card signatures as well to cut back on the use of thermal register paper.

  •  Our water softener system performs without the use of standard bags of salt and relies instead on a cartridge system, cutting down on waste but still functioning as an effective way to ensure high quality water for shampooing. We utilize a high end water filtration system as well for our drinking water. 

  •  Our store-front West-facing windows utilize a heavy commercial grade solar film as well as window shades to help reduce heat and lower air conditioner usage. 

  •  Our shopping bags are made from recycled paper and you’re always given the option to forgo a bag if you’d like. 

  •  All appliances (washing machine, hot water heater, clothes dryer and refrigerator) are Energy Star rated. 

  •  We use digital scales to measure hair color down to the exact number of grams required for each service. Not only does this help with the accuracy of your results, it prevents us from over mixing and waste.